Craft compelling narratives in less than 5 minutes to elevate your content.

Which content creation skills will you need to succeed in the future?

There’s a sea of content online.

And the number grows each day. Exponentially.

Why would someone choose to consume your content instead of someone else's?

Why would someone choose your brand when they have tons to choose from?

For your brand to stand out NOW — and in the future — the biggest challenge will be making sure you become the go-to resource amongst a sea of brands.

Prepare for the next “Thanos Snap.”

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Your prospects hang out on Social Media so, of course, Social Media is part of your content strategy.

But these social platforms can “Thanos snap” at any time, wiping out the effectiveness of your current tactics.

To prevent this, let’s look at four timeless strategies to protect yourself when these social platforms snap their fingers, turning your strategies and results to dust.

1. Know The “Who” And “Where”

This comes from Russell Brunson’s “Secret Formula,” which he shares in his book Dotcom Secrets.

Many social platforms exist. …

Photo by Carol M. Highsmith

When the Walt Disney Concert Hall finished in 2003, it had a tremendous influence on reshaping Los Angeles’s culture.

It’s captured the eyes and ears of people ever since.

Esa-Pekka Salonen performed the Disney Hall’s opening concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, sharing…

Though there were some critics, a 2006 US News…

How can you develop quality ideas without letting unhealthy perfectionism paralyze your creative process?

The idea of “reaching your fullest potential” has always been a strong and personal value of mine.

We live in a world of impermanence — the world changes and evolves. If we’re not aiming to reach our fullest potential, it’ll be challenging to adapt.

And if we don’t overcome unhealthy perfectionism, we won’t be implementing and learning enough to adapt.

At the end of January 2021, I had just wrapped up a teaching cohort where I partnered with an instructional team to help college students learn…

How to productively pursue multiple ideas at once.

Do you feel guilty pursuing multiple ideas or projects at once?

What about having 3–5 unfinished books on your shelf?

When I was younger, I thought it was unproductive to read a new book while my current one was unfinished.

It was like needing to focus on one book was an unspoken law!

Suppose we have a goal and try focusing on it.

And whenever our curiosity ventures elsewhere, we feel guilty.

Or if we don’t finish our current book or project, we think it’s unproductive or bad.

This actually suffocates your creative process, holding you back from developing great…

Let’s put the power back in your hands.

Ever felt like you’ve been dealt some disappointing cards in life?

Maybe poor genetics. Or an environment that doesn’t nurture growth and success.

Has anyone ever placed limitations on your potential?

“You’re lazy.”

“You’re incapable.”

“You’re not athletic.”

“You’re not smart.”

At first, you scoff and ignore them.

But maybe this pattern continues over time, and you begin to believe it about yourself.

Maybe consciously, you begin questioning it. “Maybe I’m not as capable as I thought…”

If this continues, maybe it goes to the subconscious level. Now…

How to use Elon Musk’s “one piece of advice” for improving your ideas.

Girl with two thumbs down.
Girl with two thumbs down.

“For the new entrepreneurs who are just getting started out there, what’s one piece of advice that you’d always recommend?”

Elon Musk shifts his eyes to the left, contemplates the question, then responds to Kevin Rose’s question.

“In terms of advice… it’s very important to actively seek out and listen very carefully to negative feedback. This is something that people tend to avoid because it’s painful. But I think this is a very common mistake — to NOT actively seek out and listen to negative feedback.”

When explaining how he implements this in his own life, Musk explains, “When friends…

Let’s say that you have a goal but haven’t achieved it yet.

What’s the underlying assumption?

Let’s explore this assumption with the analogy of a map. You’re journeying from Point A to Point B.

You’re wandering around San Francisco with your map.

And you’re using the landmarks and a compass to guide you.

But when you arrive at the landmark destination your map points you to, there’s a mismatch. You thought there was a bus station there, but it’s actually a gas station.

You’re not where you want to be. Either the map is wrong, or you misinterpreted the map.

Here’s what happens when you never descend from a “bird’s-eye view.”

The insights you need to generate valuable content, create innovative ideas, and solve problems are not obvious.

The deeper you dive into any subject, the more your ideas evolve with it.

Many of us grew up taking a “bird’s-eye view.”

We can see this conditioning through how we absorb knowledge. I’ve personally done all of these:

If you’ve ever Googled “how to create headlines,” it’s likely you’ve come across templates and multiple “headline types.”

It becomes clear that there are many options.

And it can be overwhelming.

I find templates or “headline types” helpful for inspiration. They can be extremely valuable and make your life easier.

But I’ve also found that if you don’t understand the underlying reasons WHY a great headline works, you’ll have a tough time getting someone’s attention (even if you use one of the popular headline types or templates).

Why “Benefits” Alone Don’t Get People’s Attention

Copywriting teaches us to focus on the benefits instead of features.

Your audience…

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